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Do you need to work out or does working suffice?

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Most people feel exhausted by the time they get home after a day’s worth of work and as a result skip working out. They also tell themselves and others how they were performing physical labor at work so that was their exercise for that day. One workday leads to the next workday, which leads to another day of no exercise. You feel exhausted but is this truly enough?

It’s important to think about your goals. While laborious and/or physical work does have its benefits that sedentary workers are suffering from as a result of not having any physical activity as part of their job, your goals must be identified.

If you are trying to lose weight, is it enough that you swept or mopped an entire restaurant during your shift? On condition that your goal is to build muscle, is it enough that you delivered FedEx packages all day? If you are trying to tone up, is it enough that you waitress on your feet all day with a serving tray in hand? Chances are despite doing these tasks during your shifts they are not the steps that are going to result in achieving weight loss, more muscle, or greater muscle tone.

Laborious jobs aid with endurance and diminish health issues that arise from a sedentary lifestyle such as poor circulation and poor posture. Instead, you are at higher risk for overuse injuries so that is something to be mindful of.

Before fulfilling your next work shift think about your health and fitness goals. Schedule your workouts in advance according to those goals. Don’t let exhaustion dictate your activities for the day. Be honest with yourself. You are cheating yourself by not taking your goals into consideration and acting so.

If you miss a workout, it affects your body, your health, not anyone else’s. When you have your next doctor’s appointment and hopefully not emergency health situation, you’re not going to receive the health results of the people you’ve been telling the story to that “My work was my workout.” You’re going to receive your health results based on the reality of your body and your lifestyle.

If you feel like you need support to actually follow through with your schedule, consider nutrition and supplementation at times that will be helpful for you. That way you make it to the gym or that class and don’t die out. For example, if you tend to be skipping that workout that you scheduled in for yourself because you’re hungry when the time actually rolls around, consider when you last ate and what you last ate. Perhaps you need a protein shake prior or during your workout. Have this handy to support yourself and your goals at that tough time. Perhaps you feel super tired, if so, have a boosting supplement before your workout. Have it available to get you through around that time you know you’re going to crash. Reach your goals! As the support exists, you may need to know what you are missing, prepare it for yourself in advance, and have it handy to support your needs and schedule. Understand that it's possible. It’s best to check in with your doctor before trying any new supplements first though.

For further support, whether you have a sedentary job and need to improve your mobility and posture, or you have a laborious job and need to practice preventive health due to higher risk of overuse injuries find a Chiropractor. Chiropractic care is helpful for these needs.

Separately know that nutritional and fitness support are available to help you meet your goals. You don’t have to find the time or feel overwhelmed trying to fit it into your schedule and figure it out yourself. Let the specialists use their gifts to help you in these avenues. That’s what they’re here for and would love to work with you. Different types of coaches exist, each ready to help you based on your particular needs.

Remember! Your fitness goals and health goals are achievable. You may need to hone-in on what is holding you back? Find the support that will get you through that. Achieve!

Bonus: If fatigue at the end of the day is holding you back, know that if you stick with it, you will gain energy, stick with it long enough. Fatigue won’t be an issue, you may still have certain days once in a while, but it will no longer be your common issue. Consider boosting supplements, if your doctor approves, and keep them handy for those moments.

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